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Do you think the stock market may crash within next 6-10months?

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Do you think the next few months of this pandemic will be like nothing our nation has seen yet?

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Which of the following do you think is your best defense against Covid when in pubic or social gatherings?

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Do you agree with potential restrictions or lockdowns over the next several months until a vaccine is available?

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Total Infectionsb
Total Fatalitiesc
Total Testsd
Infections per Capitae 1 out of
Infection Ratiof 1 out of
Fatalities per Capitag 1 out of
Fatality Ratioh 1 out of
Population Counta 331,002,651
* Source: Johns Hopkins University, The Covid Tracking Project, US Census'20. Calculations: e = b ÷ a, f = b ÷ d, g = c ÷ a, h = c ÷ d.


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