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Covid Statistics*:
Total Infectionsb
Total Fatalitiesc
Total Testsd
Infections per Capitae 1 out of
Infection Ratiof 1 out of
Fatalities per Capitag 1 out of
Fatality Ratioh 1 out of
Fatality Daily Avg (7 day MA) ~2000
Population Counta 331,002,651
* Source: Johns Hopkins University, The Covid Tracking Project, US Census'20. Calculations: e = b ÷ a, f = b ÷ d, g = c ÷ a, h = c ÷ d.

2019 vs 2020 Overall Deaths*:
2019: 2020:
Jan 258k 264k
Feb 233k 244k
Mar 255k 269k
Apr 235k 321k
May 237k 279k
Jun 225k 249k
Jul 229k n/a
Aug 227k n/a
Sep 223k n/a
Oct 238k n/a
Nov 239k n/a
Dec 256k n/a
Total 2.855M n/a
Monthly Avg 238K n/a
Daily Avg 7822 n/a
* Source: 2019 & 2020 NDI

Analysis & Discussion:

Since data for second half of 2020 hasn't been publish by NDI yet, we can only compare the first half of 2019 with 2020. Total death count in first half of 2020 is 1.626M compared to 1.443M in 2019. This is 183,000 increase, which is consistent with the Covid fatalities reported in first half of 2020.

The current daily moving average (7-day) for Covid deaths is about 2000 cases/day. At this rate, Covid will consume 60,000 lives in 1 month, which is obsessively high considering the monthly average for total deaths (of all causes) in the USA in 2019 is approximately 150,000*. Source: 2019 National Death Index.

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